Our Eco Certification

In our certification we put the focus on sustainable yacht management. Our participating yachts operate in pristine and sensitive eco systems giving you a refreshing break for your heart and mind. Your luxurious holiday should however leave no traces behind. 

Water Purifier & Glass


Water is the source of all life. Our yachts are all equipped with a state of the art water filtration system that assures the water on board is filtered, cleaned and mineralised to give you the best drinking water experience, at the same time avoiding the usage of plastic bottles



Yachts are equipped with a garbage recycling system, and every effort is made to supply garbage to recycling stations on land. Crewed is trained on the importance of recycling and how to dispose of garbage in accordance with our values in ports


A garburator is a device installed under a kitchen sink.  The disposal unit shreds food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing.

Human Waste

Black water is disposed of in accordance with international maritime law. No black water is EVER pumped into any harbour. Sewage pumping systems usage is tracked and monitored

Sailing Rope

Our crew are sailors

And chefs. And technicians. And Stewardesses. And Yoga instructors. And mind trainers. But most and foremost, we are ready to sail. Our crew can work the sails and sheets and is happy to take you to your next destination in the most eco friendly way possible. 

Our yachts achieve above industry average sailing hours through our commitment to careful selection of crew, their training and their passion for the sport.

Sustainable products

Vegetarian Food


Our crew carefully selects only the best produce available. Whenever possible we will buy from local sources directly from farmers, fishermen or markets. 

Luxury Hotel Spa Collection


We source 100% natural plant based cosmetics that are not only good for your skin and hair, but also for the environment. Of course free of paraffins, silicons, microplastics and certainly not tested on animals  


Wellness for Body and Mind

Upon request we will provide one additional crew specialised in the training of body and mind. Lean back and let your trainer take you on a journey of revitalisation and deep connection with your soul and spirit

Judge's Table

Fair Crew Employments

Contrary to industry practises our employees and crew benefit from clean contracts and advanced benefits such as medical insurance and pension funds.